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how did we go this to this?

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I found that Ueda and Kame are very frequently put together nowadays, and the contrast between them is as clear as day.

(I mean, come on - Ueda in black, Kame in bright colours? Totally kills a fangirl here pls *nosebleeds*

 But for some reason, I believe (I’d like to believe anyway) *and please just let me indulge in my KameDa fan wishes* that in a very stealthy and ‘hidden’ way, if you will, that KameDa is being somewhat promoted. O____o I see a lot of KameDa popping up these days and IT IS MAKING THIS THE BEST YEAR FOR A KAMEDA FAN *so seriously it is* after all the drama last year and such *cries and sobs hysterically for a few moments* I’m glad that there is something. I love to see more and more Kame x Ueda, may it be standing together, walking together whatever, I still makes me go asdjklhgfdsjkl;ldjkl;lkgm \*______*/

Before this, KameDa was sadly, a very under-shipped pairing, and of course I didn’t like that (not that I have anything against other pairings mind you), not only in fanfic fandom, but also canon. That was a little saddening, but oh well. KameDa’s highlights will always be the hug Kame and Ueda shared as juniors, and the time where they hugged in front of 500 000 fans during the BTR concert. There have been teensy tiny bit of KameDa moments in mags and such, but for me, THAT AIN’T ENOUGH PPL. I NEED SOME CANON! <3

For the KameDa fans, let’s just hope that there will me more *hidden* KameDa in bangumis and such, because I’m still whining over the fact that Kame and Ueda have yet to have an interview together! 

p.s.: whenever Ueda mentions Kame in his interviews, I go all djsfhlsfhd;akdhflskjdh;ksalfkaj \*^*/ the world needs more KameDa. Seriously, it’s an awesome, and strangely HOT pairing.

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